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What do we mean by salary after tax?

Once you start earning money over a certain threshold, you have to pay Income tax and National Insurance. If you are in full time employment, and you get paid a salary each month, you’re taxed by a system called Pay as You Earn (PAYE). PAYE means that your Income Tax and National Insurance are automatically deducted from your salary by your employer. This happens before the money lands in your account – so there’s nothing to worry about!

If you are self-employed, the system works differently. You have to file a tax return to declare your earnings and allowable expenses. HMRC will calculate the tax you owe, as well as the National Insurance contributions you need to pay by the end of the tax year, 31 January.

Salary after tax, is the amount of take-home pay after your Income tax and National Insurance has been deducted.

My pay is less than on the calculator

If you are PAYE, there will be other things deducted from your salary like your student loan repayments or a pension contribution. Our calculator shows how much tax is deducted based on what you earn. Be sure to check your payslip for any other deductions you might have.

I’ve used the calculator and I would like to submit my tax return!

That’s awesome! You can submit your tax return with Earnr in minutes. All you need to do is download the app here and follow the steps there. If you need any additional help, please feel free to contact one of our friendly team members, either from within the app or via email [email protected]